There are few service industries worse than residential real estate brokerage industry.

Industry actors are some of the most overpaid, dishonest, people you will encounter.

They hoard information, lie, are rarely held accountable for anything they do. They are a well organized political cartel who ensure regardless of what happens, they get paid a sizable chunk of the overall proceeds from a transaction.

The consumer has a hard time educating themselves and can be at the mercy of these snake-oil salesmen.

The time has come to change for and realtR goes a long way towards doing this.

Anyone with a bit of R skills now has easy functional access to property information for every location in the United States.

With a few lines of R code you will have access to at-least as much, and in most cases, MORE information than brokers.

You can take a look at a bit of what the package does in this introductory tutorial.



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